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Founded and based in Durham NC, we, SOAP Worldwide Inc is a nonprofit organization that has been bridging the gaps between communities, in efforts to connect people through artistry, communal involvement, and social enlightenment. We set our foundation in Love, and believe that we access and share our own liberation through our natural talents and abilities. Supported by NC artists + entrepreneurs, our proposition is that one day we can rely on our creative processes and influences to bring about the change that begins within us all, first - whilst keeping it 

Smooth, Organic, And Progressive Worldwide.

Currently, SOAP is at work to explore the boundaries of the arts, agriculture, and advancement in local communities, while continuously shining light on the social injustices and communal affairs that surround communities globally. We will continue to update our supporters with upcoming events, music, and live shows. 


"The lens we see through will determine our futures.

With our own eyes, our futures solely belong to us." - A.yoni











Cultural Inclusivity



SOAP's ASk about it - Webseries

SOAP's Ask About It - WebSeries targets the Social Norm and provides a lens for those who live outside the pre-visualized, invisible boundaries that have been set in place. AAI segments are uncut and uncensored, yet create a safe space for all who are connected -  to experience one’s life through their perspective(s), while confronting questions and notions that many don’t have the courage to ask or acknowledge. 

We strive to emphasize the fluidity, diversity, & unity within urban communities globally, starting in our own N.C. backyards.  

Herban soapbox

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Herban SOAPbox is a collective lecture series, hosted by SOAP Worldwide Inc. & Herban Garden, that creates a platform for people of color to reflect on food cultivation. Farmers and food activists in the Triangle join us to provide insight into the historical and cultural significance of farming in communities of color.

Herban SOAPbox  featured local artists (Tha Materials + Jeghettos Troupe) gardening organizations (Hope Gardens + Herban Garden) and community partners (chef Abbi Jai + Vegan Flava) who share their passion for art, food, and organizing. This event series was presented every Friday in February from 6:00pm to 8:00pm @ the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We welcomed special guests Kamal Bell (educator, activist, and owner of Sankofa Farms), Jason Brown (UNC alum, former NFL player, and owner of First Fruit Farms), and we conclude the series with a catered (chef Abbi Jai) screening of the food justice film Can You Dig This, executive produced by singer song-writer John Legend. Surrounding community members and food justice supporters joined us for Herban SOAPbox, as we put food and farming at the forefront of the community consciousness.


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